Pastor: John Ely
Tony and Ming Perrello-Macau

Tony and Ming Perrello - Macau
1992 - Graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
1992 – Accepted as missionaries to Macau
1994 – Moved to Taiwan and began Mandarin language study
1996 – Moved to Macau, a port city on the southeastern coast of China
2000 – Began to plant the Great Praise Church
2002 – Forced to return to the United States due to Tony’s health


Tony developed MS (multiple schlerosis) and the family was forced to return to the US.
Tony has been receiving aggressive treatments that are not available in Macau
His condition has been stable for the past year
Their hearts’ desire would be to return to Macau at some point

The family has relocated to New Jersey and has become an integral part of the Chinese Christian Church of Somerset (CCCS).
This is a 27 year old church which started an English congregation about ten years ago.
This church has a missions focus
They sent out two teams to Trinidad this past summer
They sent out two young adults on short term missions
one to NY and one to Australia.

In September Tony assumed the role of interim English pastor at this church.
He is sharing in counseling, preaching, and teaching duties.
 Ming is also an integral part of the ministry.
She has had the privilege of leading several women to Christ within the past months, and she has started a follow-up Sunday school class.
She has been helping with a lot of the teaching and counseling as well.

The Perrellos will continue as missionaries with CBI on a special two year assignment.
Their financial needs through CBI have been greatly reduced at this time because their church is covering most of their finances.
They could potentially return to Macau at the end of this two year term.

Micah and Kristen Perrello

Tony and Ming have two children, Micah and Kristen.
Micah is in seventh grade and loves cars and plays the piano.
Kristen is in fourth grade and enjoys gymnastics and bicycle riding.
Both still miss Macau.

God has stabilized Tony’s MS
For the many people that we will meet in heaven due to the Perrello’s ministry

For wisdom as they lead, love and nurture believers at the Chinese Christian Church of Somerset (NJ)
For more evangelism opportunities
For God’s healing touch upon Tony
That the family would grow in love for one another and have consistent family prayer times

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