Pastor: John Ely
Missions Quiz- test your knowledge of the facts concerning the mission field today. Make a note of your answers to the below questions and then click the link at the bottom of this page for the answers:

1. The population of the world today is over:
a. 4 billion
b. 5 billion
c. 6 billion
d. 20 billion
e. 1 billion

2. What is the second largest religion on the planet?
a. Islam
b. Hinduism
c. Buddhism

3. The 10/40 Window is:
a. A new home improvement product
b. A window that never needs oiled
c. A new TV news program
d. The area bounded by 10N and 40N with the most unreached people

4. The country that sends out the most missionaries is:
a. USA
b. Britain
c. Scotland
d. Korea
e. Japan
f. South Africa

5. Place the following cities in order according to their current population:
a. Calcutta, India
b. New York, USA
c. Sao Paulo, Brazil
d. Mexico City, Mexico
e. Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan

6. True or False.
Every people (ethnic) group on the planet has a bible in their own language.

  Click here for answers

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