Pastor: John Ely

Rationale and Benefits of Short Term Mission (STM) Trips?

  • Obedience to the Great Commission (Matt 28, Acts 1)
  • Obedience unleashes Spiritual blessings (not necessarily financial, physical, etc.)
  • The harvest is truly plentiful in may places around the world
  • The number hit hard-
  • Only 2 of 5 people around the planet have ever heard the name of Jesus
  • China and India combined have populations over 2 billion, with <3% Christian
  • There is approximately 1 Christian worker for every 200 people in the US
  • In Islamic countries, that is approximately 1 fore every 100,000
  • Over 500 people (ethnic) groups have never been exposed to the gospel
  • Changes ones perspective
  • Broadens ones worldview
  • Enhances ones thankfulness
  • Realize one is a part of God’s big, big plan
  • Many long-term, career missionaries begin on STM
  • Gives credibility to foreign (i.e., local and national) organizations and churches
  • Assists these local organizations with skills, resources, finances, talents and personnel
  • Reinvigorates the church at home for lost souls
  • Both global and local evangelization
  • One can see exciting things one might not see at home
  • One can bring these expectations back

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